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Promulgation of Governmental Decree No. 2021-3 dated January 6, 2021, on Open Government Data

In the framework of the second OGP national plan implementation and namely the completion of the 3th commitment related to the completion of the legal and regulatory framework for open data at the national level as well as within the framework of the implementation of the Open Data Action Plan, the preparation of the governmental decree related to open government data has been completed and published in the Official Gazette. This legal text is available in Arabic and French via this link.

The e-Government Unist at the Presidency of Government completed the elaboration of this text according to a participatory approach that enabled the participation of the several stakeholders involved in the open data area namely the ministries, public institutions, independent authorities, associations and representatives of civil society active in this field.

This governmental Decree aims to regulate the publication process of goverment data in accordance with the principle of opening-up, with the intention of:
– Promoting the principles of transparency and accountability,
– Reinforcing public participation in preparing public policies, following up on their implementation and evaluating them,
– Modernizing the administration and improving the quality and efficiency of public services,
– Contributing to setting the appropriate framework to push economic development and create employment opportunities, especially by stimulating the creation of start-ups working to develop new and innovative uses based on public data.

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