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Steering Committee

The steering committee is in charge of preparing the action plan and following up its implementation:
When starting the preparation of the OGP action plan, a steering committee is created to include representatives from the Government and Civil Society equally.
With regard to the 1st Action Plan, a decision issued by the Secretary of State in charge of Governance and Civil Service provided for the institution of a Steering Committee to draft an action plan for OGP program and monitor its implementation. The committee includes 10 members, 5 members representing the Government and 5 members representing civil society.
Due to the large number of associations working in this domain and to new commitments taken in the 2nd National Action Plan, the Steering Committee was enlarged to include new members for a total of 16, 8 representing the Government and 8 representing Civil Society.

Composition of the Steering Committee in charge of elaborating and monitoring the implementation of the 4th OGP Action Plan (2021-2023)

A steering committee has been established and will be in charge of elaboration and implementation of the 4th OGP National Action Plan for 2021-2023, which includes 20 members in equal parts of government representatives and civil society representatives. This steering committee brings together 10 members representing public institution and 10 …

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